Language and colours

March 8, 2010

Let’s take a look at their colours:

White: symbol of purity, innocence and modesty. It expresses a pure and sincere feeling. It is also used whether you are waiting for some news.

Yellow: joyned to betrayal and unfaithfulness, but also to luxury, glory and success.

Orange: symbolizes joy, cheerfulness and satisfaction for a success reached.

Pink: symbol of youth, or of a love just born.

Red: notoriously linked to passion, courage and strong desire of victory, but also to rage and hot temper.

Violet: expresses modesty and generosity.

Blue: symbol of hardships and restlessness.

Green: symbol of hope or of a lucky escape. Represents also joy and optimism.




…and at their meanings:

                                     Camelia: respect, thanks

Daisy: dignity and elegance                              

Lily: trustworthy

Narcissus: selfishness

Orchid: Love, beauty, refinement, charm

Poppy: sleep, oblivion

  Rose: white: purity, innocence

             red: love, passion

             pink: tenderness, friendship

             yellow: jealousy, unfaithfulness

Tulip: Honesty and declaration of love


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