Stallholders vs Shopkeepers: Who is bound to win? Round I

March 18, 2010

You can see them standing for hours, under the pouring rain or in the hottest summer days: they are the stallholders, people who, for necessity or for passion, run a stall in the most varied corner of Milan.

One woman told me she would never buy a shop to sell her flowers because they are part of the nature and they need to be sold in the open air. She loves the direct contact to them, without the artificiality of a closed room.

Of course, their life is not so easy: they have to fight against the weather, against a swung market, against the beauty of a shop window. But they strive to survive! The average buy, for whose I asked, is around 15€, while in a shop goes up to 30-35€. Still, the turnover seemed higher in the stalls (when I went closer to them, there was always someone who was buying) because of the lower prices, of  the ladies who buy them for their own houses and their own pleasure, of some guys who stop at them and  buy a rose for their lover (fortunately, there are still some romantic men, as one of the stallholder told me! ) :-)


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