Stallholders vs Shopkeepers: Who is bound to win? Round II

March 18, 2010

As I told you, I’ve had the cheek enough to go around and ask some questions both to shopkeepers and stallholders, and these are some results I found.

In the shops, the 90% of people who buy blossom is constituted by women, against the 72% who go to stalls and share the market with the 7% of men (the 21% of stallholders, instead, said that the percentage between women and men is perfectly the same).

A crushing win of the adults in the shops (easily understandable for the incredible prices!), while a 28% of young people buy at the stalls.

Maybe because of the turnover, at the question: “what is the most sold flower?”, they answered differently: the 100% of  shopkeepers said “rose” (and someone also orchids), while the 100% of the stallholders said “now, tulips” , giving a “seasonal explanation”.


SHOPS Roses Women Adults 30-35€
STALLS Tulips Women Adults 15€

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