Me, myself and I: a hobbyist…unexpected!

March 19, 2010

As I said in my introduction, my mom loves blossoms: if you want to get her angry, try to let a  ball fall on her flowerbeds (as I used to do when I was younger, but just by chance,of course!) ;-) I’ve never thought to find another person who I completely didn’t know and who is so fond of flowers as my mom (but, above all, who has been so kind to let me ask her some questions!).

This “HER” is a quiet old woman who I met in a shop, by chance, just while I was wandering to catch up something interesting for this blog. Her name is Ivana, and she told me she has always had the passion for  flowers. She was so proud while she was telling me how she takes care of them, so sweet in her answers as only an old lady can do when someone asks her to talk about her life. She also told me that the thing she likes most is to plant the seed and let the bloom grow up: the simplest thing of the world, but extremely important for her. This is her PASSION, and it makes her complete and satisfied: what would it be better?

These are some photos she sent to me:


   Every time she can, she goes to her old farm of the  XVIII century in Piemonte, where she has a big garden with lots of plants!


But she also likes paintings: she can paint pretty well, and guess what her favourite subject is?!





This is, instead, a picture I took with her:


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