When the “one” wants to grow

March 26, 2010

Someone is looking for glory, others do things for passion, others for necessity, others just to add a symbolical meaning: the purposes can be different, but the common denominator is that a person may do things not only for himself/herself, but also for other people: a small group, a BiG group, the WHOLE world. 

Milam, for this aspect, provided some interesting examples. We’ve already seen the “case” of the sweet lady I met, Ivana, who prefers to focus on her beloved hobby, just for her own pleasure. Another example, instead, would be interesting. It reminded me a designer quoted during a class of Design, ISAMU NOGUCHI: he started doing lamps with paper made by rice (in Japan this kind of paper is widely used!) just for him and his friends; then he made a company and now is really famous all over the world. Surely, the man I’m going to deal with is not so famous, neither had addressed his work to the “all”, being content to supply only the Milanese market. 

His name was Osvaldo Mercandelli, the founder of  “Fioreria Mercandelli” in viale Sabotino, Milan. I learned about him from his son, Francesco Mercandelli, who now run the shop. He told me that his father has been always passionate about flowers and he had a small private garden behind their house. Growing up (a marriage, a wife, children…ordinary things, in short!) he needed a job, and what would have been better to join a passion with work? Therefore, at the beginning of the ‘30s, he decided to take over this shop, that presents himself as a perfect “little jewel” of that time: it was furnished by an architect who took his inspiration by Piacentini, Portaluppi, Breuer. Mirrors, archs, columns, marbles…everything is remained as it was (the shop is also one of the historical buildings, recognized by Comune di Milano), except the times, that obviously have changed: the market  is not limited anymore to the neighborhood, when they knew each other, when an important man came every day to send a flower to his lover (as Mr Francesco told me), but it expanded to everyone who wants a refined and personalized service that this shop can offer. 












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