Flower engineering

March 31, 2010

For every “Mr Francesco”, proud of his family shop, there is another one who wants to became…bigger! This is the case of Mr Vincenzo Dascanio. At only 21, he was the director of Armani Fiori, where he created a new style and made the concept reach really high levels. But it wasn’t enough for him: now, at the age of 34, he is the owner of three shops: the main one is here, in Milan, in Piazza Missori (with more than 1000 mq, a huge store!); then in Florence ,and the latest opening has been in Bergamo, an historical city chosen as the third pole of  style and glamour, on the 7 November 2009. The building in Milan, instead, was not chosen by chance, because it is full of history: there, 80 years ago, there was the first shop of flowers: a tradition developed in the best way ever, we could say!


Dascanio’s floral creations are unique objects that become, without the shadow of a doubt, design objects, integral part of the spaces, in a constant research of exclusiveness, that catches your attention for its incredible beauty. That’s what happened to me when I entered the store: plants from all over the world, shining and refined, where you can breath the scent of the geniality, which anything leaves to the chance…

This could be a sort of ideal place against the chaos of this frantic city, where you could enjoy pleasant relaxing moment and keep in touch with nature: plants, flowers, candles, perfumes, but also accessories and furniture… everything is finely refined, sophisticated, just to delight all of your senses. The ground floor, indeed, is dedicated to the interior design, where you (mostly!) dream to have that furniture in your own house.

But all of this has a cost, it goes without saying! I could say that you could go there only if you had broken your piggy bank, but it should have been very, very full!

 The average prices are pretty high and, instead of Mr Francesco’s shop, for instance, the main target is people who have taste and also floating assets, of course! But you could definitely say that you would have a unique, original and wonderful floral creation, made just for you!

These are some of his creations  for some events…

Visit the site to take a look of this elegant world! www.vincenzodascanio.it    Enjoy it!   :-)


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