Le fleur..très, très chic!

April 15, 2010

Bigger and bigger: our trip follows this path! Vincenzo Dascanio is pretty famous, bien sure! But someone has surpassed him, reaching success, fame, money… Mr and Mrs, he is Giorgio Armani, one of the most notorious fashion designer of the latest years. As we all know, his production deals with






…and althought most of these have in common flowers, it’s not enough: : one section of  his huge shop, in the center of Milan, (Via A. Manzoni) is dedicated to blossoms!

This is not a common shop, you wouldn’t find a normal bunch of roses or some colored tulips, too trivial! This the reign of the “floral design”, where a blossom is not just a blossom, but something more, something that is concerned with creativity, style, elegance, taste, care, study of the details… in one word, DESIGN.

Asking one of the oddest thing happened, the manager of this floral section has told me that some people ask if it is possible to put them in a suitable bag, in order to travel without ruin them, just because people believe they are so well-done to be artificial!

With regard to his activity, he makes also some compositions for private citizens, companies, hotels like Park Hayatt and Principe di Savoia, fashion shows, special events like Fiera del Mobile, or “special” just for you: for the dress and the location, the wedding rings and participations, it’s all up to you; but for floral decorations and, obviously, for the bouquet, it is necessary to hire a Flower Designer, and who would be better than Armani to personalize with style and to interpret with elegance one of the most unforgettable day of your life?


The production has reached also the far East: Emporio Armani has opened in Hong Kong, China, in Chater Road, where Massimiliano Fuksas designed an unique store. For Armani Flowers, the vases are realized by a transparent plexiglas that provides an extreme lightness to the environment, giving the illusion that the flowers float in the air. The same concept is kept also for Armani Cosmetics and Armani Books.

Armani, hence, has expanded  his range of products and has done it in his own way, having the idea to use blooms in this brilliant manner. Brilliant, and profitable as well(!): he is targeted it at very few people, people that do appreciate quality and beauty, but that are able to spend a lot of money. But, as we say here in Italy, even the eye wants its own side! Don’t you think so? :-)


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