Cioccolati Italiani: when a rose meets chocolate, they become business!

May 4, 2010

My attempt with the chicken with herbes de Provence has been pretty successful: I made my father taste it and he said it was good! (unbelievable, because he has always  something to criticize!)

But let’s see floral food on a large scale, and go back to Milan: what provides, instead, our city? As usual, I walked around to find something interesting, and one of the most delicious discover I’ve ever made was at Cioccolati Italiani, an ice-cream shop in Via De Amicis 25, between Colonne di San Lorenzo and S. Ambrogio. Among their tastes, they have got Rose, made by jam of petals of roses and the normal base of ice-cream.




The manager, Michele Andretta, told me he wanted to create a new, different and original taste: rose has been always used for cooking: why not for an ice-cream too? Therefore, he had the idea to combine it with white chocolate: and the result is simply…wonderful! No strange excipients, no strange starting points: just natural ingredients, passion, experience, will to satisfy their customers’ palates.



“Behind me, there is an entrepreneur. You always need an entrepreneur if you want to start a commercial enterprise”. This was the manager’s answer when I asked him how his ice-cream shop is organized. He continued telling that it is an inedited concept, realized by a workgroup which has involved some important names, such as Franco Costa, the president of Costa Group, Paolo Barichella, a famous designer and opinion leader for food design, Roberto Lobrano, one of the most notorious ice cream maker, who has created the “menu” of the shop, and the chocolate maker Silvio Bessone, a special artisan able to supply with the raw materials from their places of origin to the creation of the final product. Then, a team of people full of experience, motivated to emphasize the quality of  the chocolate and to please ones who have a sweet tooth, and helped by some employees, who inevitably work in a soooooo sweet contest!


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