Nottingham Forest

May 14, 2010

One of your friends calls you and says: “I’ve just finished my exams. Would you like to celebrate it with me?”.

“Yes, of course!” is the normal answer.

After a little hesitation about (most common) “technical” problems (dinner or happy hour? After dinner or club? Where? Time?), you says: “I’ve heard about a bar, not so far from here, that should be really nice: what do you think?”.

…………………………The story goes on……………………..and the result is……………………………………

The bar is called “Nottingham forest”, and this kind of conversation really happened to me some days ago. The result? I’ve just come back home from this bar!

I would never expected it would be so… great! It is among the 50 best bars of the world, it is very small (tonight particularly crowed, but I think it should be always like that) and the interior reminds a real forest, with a peculiar décor and thousands of different bottles.




At this point, you might ask what is the connection with flowers: good question, but a little bit rash :-) You should know that, among the hundreds of cocktails available (the menu is like a book!), there are some made by flowers! Just few examples:

  • Rose’s
  • Rose Mojito
  • Violet Mojito (rum, violet essence, lime, mint)
  • Garden cooler
  •  Floral Bouquet Frozen Daiquiri
  • Springtime
  • Jamaican Flower: for this, they use a real fleshy flower, cultivated in Yucatan, from which you can obtain a sweet juice, mixed with fruits and tequila.

This is Summer Cooler, the one I’ve chosen, made by orange, lemon and petals of roses… delicious!


Another peculiar thing is that you can have a tasting “Fiore di Curaro”. Curaro is a strong poison that paralyzes your muscles, but now it is used to reawaken very particular tasting sensations.

The sampling consists in consuming your flower with calm and meditation, in order to have a rich feeling of freshness and lightness. The cocktail matched with it is made by the infusion of the flower and a juice or a spirit you like most.



The idea of just few people found such an amazing acceptance that now it has a great success and it has opened here, in Milan, but also in Parma and New York, providing special nights for the happiness and the palate of lots of (not only) young people… How a small group can work so well!


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