Orti Antichi

May 20, 2010

In addition to its value for the private use, the Orti Antichi project creates value for the public by restoring a residential structure for the neighborhood that for so many years was used for offices, returning it to its original use.

The building improvement scheme involves the whole neighborhoods in the centre of Milan and represents an unique intervention within the city, because some buildings built in the 60’s were demolished and substituted by others , aesthetically related to the palaces of the end of the nineteenth century. Moreover, two garages for each apartment and an inside garden were created as well. Each apartment has high-quality interior finished and sophisticated, independent air-conditioners. All the housing complex has a security system, a centralized satellite reception and an automatic switching on system for the lights of the garages.

Some numbers:

  • Land area: about 10,000 sqm
  •  Total area: 32,115 sqm
  •  Apartments: 105
  •  Office units: 3
  •  Amount:  2,706,000.00 € for the electrical system – 5,037,000.00 € for the mechanical system
  •  Period: from December 2004 to 2006 (design)
  •  Design Team: Studio Beretta, Ariatta, Redesco




































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