The South-East of Milan: still a green area, or just a residential one?

May 20, 2010

For two years , I’ve been living in one of the oldest part of Milan, an important area for Milanese agricultural economy of the past and  for the “green” sites of the city, and I didn’t know. Till now, when I discovered that it embraced the Southern part of Milan, (places like Porta Romana,Navigli, Corso Italia, Corso di Porta Ticinese…), that was plenty of green areas, generally private, considered as fundamental subsistence sources for people of that time. They were cultivated, indeed, for food and medicinal. Moreover, an intense trade of flowers and plants, that involved the biggest merchants of that time, was particularly developed.

Nowadays, such area has become mainly important for an historical revolution  of some buildings: it has been undertaken by Doughty Hanson & Co Real Estate and Europa Risorse, which wanted to reach an high-quality residential development, recovering the original nature of the buildings, rewrite them in their classic and traditional contest, still integrating them with contemporary technological elements. This neighborhoods is called “Orti Antichi”, and provides both opportunities for culture (Bocconi University, Biblioteca Sormani, Giardini della Guastalla…) and for active social life: restaurants, pubs, theaters, assure an offer able to satisfy every kind of tastes, but it remains, at the same time, a quiet and reserved place where it is a pleasure to live in.


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