Me @ the fair

May 23, 2010

As I told you, last Saturday I went to Orticola: such a lovely event!

It was drizzleling (and in fact I hate the rain!) but, since I’m doing this blog, I couldn’t have missed it. I think it’s the biggest fair-market in Milan or, at least, it’s surely the most famous.

This year, it organized a lot of little events, such as a fun treasure hunt, a competition among some designers for furniture and tools already in production, a stand where a florist showed how to create a bunch of fresh flowers, or a special place, all dedicated to children, providing labs and activities for kids 1-8 year old.

It joined also some partnerships with “Casa & Country”, a magazine distributed to all registered visitors, My style, that created a bag, and Henry Cotton’s which realized some aprons.

The ticket price was 7 € (last year it was 6.5€) and there were 160 exhibitors, other signs that its notoriety is growing.

Despite the rain, lots of people were there (honestly, some women had really odd hats!), and I really enjoyed it: it was a very nice experience, especially because I could notice how arrengers’ passion can drive to organize such a big event, and visitors’ one can join each other.

Still, just one thing missed: guess what? The sun, of course!


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