The exception proves the rule

May 25, 2010

In Italy, for sure, we are far from sellers of flowers like him:


…still, there is someone who is even further from the common Italian sellers…

A simple stall, without a lot of flowers or particular bunches, no more than others, no more than a…stall. Moreover, while I was wandering I’ve seen bigger, more colored and supplied stalls. Still, you can see the owner so proud of his small stall. The secret? It stands at the corner between via Montenapoleone and via A. Manzoni, two of the most fashionable streets of Milan.



When I asked him the average buy, he answered : “from 10 to 100 to 1000€… and also more!” – “Pardon?!” – I would never, never thought it would be possible! Yet, he is in a place sooooooooooo strategic! Thanks to his position, a lot of people (very, very rich people!) who live around there buy flowers from him, preferring the stall to the shop because of the (relatively) lower prices of a bunch of  blooms. In addition, he works on commission (for these very, very rich people) and prepares wonderful (and expensive!) floral compositions. Who never been said?!



As I have already told you, he told me he is very proud of his job: he wakes up at 5.30 in the morning, in order to reach his stall as on time as the workers and early riser passers-by start their day as well. His work lasts till 10 pm in summer and around 8 pm  when it gets colder (on the average, he works for about 14 hours!). As the other stallholders, he had to get the license for selling on a public area from municipality: it was a long and hard process (“you know, the bureaucracy”), but finally he managed to do it.  He didn’t tell me, but as I saw another foreign man helping him while I was there, I supposed he earns enough money to hire someone: after all, this is just the proof  that people spend lots of money buying flowers from him.



  1. If only I had a quarter for each time I came here! Incredible read.

  2. If only I had a quarter for each time I came here! Incredible read.

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