Principle of communicating vessels

May 27, 2010

One of the subjects I didn’t like at all at school was physics, but I recognize it is one of those subjects you always trip over during your life. Even if you are talking about flowers…

Acquacalda“, a group of Italian designers working in experimental design, has developed an interesting project, “Applied physics“, based on the application of the most important scientific concepts to everyday objects. It seems to be very appealing because it stimulates the user’s curiosity and interactivity, drawing up in a simple way common instruments and physical theories. One of them is surely related to our topic.



“VASCO” is a container with water reserve, due to the plant can feed itself, using the water in the bottle, if necessary. You could have also the advantage to check the level of the water and the need to refuel constantly and more easily.



“COMMUNICATING VASE”, instead, is a vase for cut flowers: a transparent tube is added to a ceramic vase, in order to “communicate” the water remaining inside.

Both of the projects are based on the principle of the communicating vessels, according to which a liquid inside two containers communicating with each other reaches the same level, regardless of the shape and volume of the conteiners.  If additional liquid is added to one vessel, the liquid will again find a new equal level in all the connected vessels.


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