“Floral” Japanese

May 28, 2010

Maybe odd to hear , but Japanese people are in the forefront inspiring tendencies, and being therefore one of the most important poles of the world for design. In Japan “design is everywhere”, we could say and, once more, even in flowers. Let’s take this example:








Name: Hanahana

Designer: Kazuyo Sejima

Year: 2006

Company: Driade

Materials: polished stainless steel

Height: 160 cm

Price: 1,100.00 €

It seems a tree decorated with blossoms, but it is in fact a charming flower box, traced by sophisticated and gentle signs. The designer was very clever to mould very thin steel tubular, in order to create  a stylized shape, mostly two-dimensional. Moreover, the brightness of the material emphasize the preciousness of the lines and it is a perfect decorative object both for inner or outer side.



Few notes about the designer are right and proper: Kazuyo Sejima is a famous Japanese architect who will curate the 12th Annual International Architecture Exhibition, to be held next August. She is the first woman ever selected for this position. This year she was awarded the Pritzker Prize, together with Ryue Nishizawa.


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