Mrs. Francesca’s life

May 31, 2010

 Till now, we have been travelling over  the  great world of flowers, trying to go beyond the appereances, the well-known sides of such a common thing (as most people could think), still so unveiled. We have seen the general market, the supply, the differences between stallholders and shopkeepers, … , but it seemed interesting  to me to know something more from a “personal” point of view. We are used to read about numbers, statistics, supply, demand, but let’s stop for one moment and think what there is behind them: just… people. Therefore, I decided to make an interview, in order to understand how a common person’s life, involved with flowers,works

I managed to talk to a nice lady in a floral shop, Mrs. Francesca.

Do you own the shop or do you just run it? How long have you been owning (running) it?

The shop is not mine, but I’ve been running this activity for 15 years.

What are the difficulties and/or the advantages of running it?

The main difficulty is being able to find always fresh products, but I’m rewarded by the vantage of living in a world full of colors.


Were the passion or other needs to lead  you to set this activity? How did you manage to do it?

My parents were florists too, but I love my job: I think it’s all about passion. In order to start it up, I had to ask the Municipality the permission after I had found the workroom.

Might you describe your typical day? (referring to your activity of florist, of course)

At 7 am I reach the wholesaler of my area, or twice a week I wait for another grosser who tries to sell me flowers. Not always I buy them from him, because I trust more my own wholesaler: I can be sure that they are really fresh. After choosing the flowers I need, I go to the shop. Then, I start doing some cleanings and preparing posies already ordered for that day: every time I’m always allured by the transformation from the simple flower to the arrangement themselves. Eventually, around lunch time, I provide for the home delivery with own my car.

How do you manage to get your products?

Before arriving to the shop, flowers are in big greenhouses; then the florist  bring them to the floral market. My wholesaler goes to the market at 3.00 am and buy flowers for his customers, so that they are ready at 8.00 am in his storage. Sometimes  he buys flowers from other countries, such as Holland, Ecuador and Colombia, especially if he needs roses or beautiful tropical blossoms. In this case, there are some companies that deal with importing and distributing them to the wholesales.


According to you, does the position of your shop influence the sells?

The position of the shop can surely make the difference for the customers.

What do you think is your vantage point?

Actually, a vantage point doesn’t exist. A philosophy of work does exist. It’s important to focus on just few products and specialize on them. Creating a faith in your customers is fundamental, and you can do it providing the best products, original arrangements, respecting your clients and their money because you should supply a good service if they spend 5€ or 50€. My client is important and unique, and has a special treatment every day, every moment. When they make order by telephone, they cannot see the product, but they need to sure about  it, about the fact that they have done a good choice which will be appreciated. In this way, who has received flowers is one of my potential client, my future client.


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