Fuori Orticola

June 2, 2010

Orticola is not just a fair-market: it is also a chance to exhibit some works of art, related to flowers… of course! For this occasion, 11 of Luigi Scrosati’s paintings are now shown in the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi.




He was a painter of flowers, in Milan of 18th century, andthese works come from private collections, so they are impossible to be seen in other occasions. Hence, a little exhibition in a precious place, we could say.



A short focus on the Museum House.

 In 1883 with the restoration of the building, the brothers Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi crowned their dream of a house inspired by the noble houses of 16th century Lombardy. Personal involved in the interior design and decoration, they added their collection of 15-16th century paintings and artefacts. The museum, then, opened in 1994.

Interesting news for the one mad about design: a surprising chronological crossover  among pieces of design and period furnishing and artworks. Bagatti Valsecchi museum, Boschi Di Stefano Museum House, Poldi Pezzoli Museum and Villa Necchi Campiglio had hosted the exhibition “Unexpected Guests. Yesterday Homes, Today’s Design”, where design objects  from the last decade interacted with locations of the past. Contributed to this incredible and fascinating project and to create cross-referencing, differences and contrasts really big names of the design world, such as Maarten Baas, Marc Sadler and Ettore Sottsass (the grandfather of Italian design).



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