Hi everybody!

It’s Antonella, writing from Milan, ready for this new  interesting and stimulating challange!

What is the connection between me and flowers? First of all, our names! “Excuse me?!” “Yes, our names!” FLOWER comes from the ancient Greek “ανθος”, which is just the root of my name.

But, apart from this mere formal relation, I’ve been always sorrounded by blossoms: my mum loves them, we’ve got a pretty big garden, they are fashionable on clothes, scented in bottles of perfumes, they create a more homely environment, and lots more…

Everyone has his own perception, his own feelings, his own way to interpret and use them. Everyone adds his own symbolic meaning that makes an object interesting. This blog would show the unrevealed sides of the flowers, focusing in particular on Milan, on the connection between these two worlds, outwardly so far away from each other, and on diferrent approaches that Milanese people have with them. Therefore, follow me to this trip to discover something more…hope you will enjoy it! ;-)


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