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What’s your alleyway?

June 25, 2010

Milan is not really famous for its ancient buildings or picturesque ruins, but there is an area which has some distinctive traits that make it very, very fascinating. This is Brera, a suggestive quarter where artists live with famous fashion designers and small craftsman who still crowd its streets. If only you wandered around a maze of tight streets, you would be caught in a sophisticated atmosphere, and you would find a wide variety of  flowers or, better, of ways of “using flowers”.

From the classical shop (1)…



…to the specialization on just one kind of  blossom, rose, maybe the flower par excellence (2)…



…to the attention to their incredible scent! (3)



But what is more curious about the relation between flowers and Brera? In the first half of XVIII century streets didn’t have a name, neither the buildings a number. Milanese people should orient themselves referring to the entrances of the cities, rich palaces, columns and churches. Was the Austrian Joseph II who established that the streets should have a name. And nowadays, they are entitled to famous people, jobs, curiosities…

Two opposite crossbeams of via Brera are  via Fiori Chiari and via Fiori Oscuri.




The first one is related to an old building for virtuous girls, while the second one to a whorehouse. It makes sense, because girls are all compared to flowers, but some are clear as their souls, others obscure as their jobs. Others think that the name are related to some cultivations of the past and organized separating the lighter flowers from the darker ones, but this thought is less taken in consideration.

Last, but not the least, is another tiny alleyway…



(1)  The shop I’m referring to is “Lami”, in piazza San Marco, where I went to ask some information about the differences between stallholders and shopkeepers I dealt with in past posts.



(2)  I’ve never seen so many kinds of roses as I did at “Au nom de la rose”! From soap, to perfumes, to candles, sweets, honey, oils… A small shop with 1000-1500 blooms from everywhere: France, Holland, Kenya, Ecuador. A corner of France where touch, sense of smell, eyesight and taste are stimulated.



(3)  Have you have heard about a “Bar à parfums”? Well, in Brera there is just the so called olfattorio, “Penhaligon’s”. They wanted to create  authentic perfumes, wrapping and delicate, using floral essences for most of them, such as Bergamot, Musk and Freesia, Iris, Rose, Jasmin de muet.


Milanese people: mad about flowers

May 14, 2010

Ah, the hard life of a student! ;-)         


Sometimes, because of the study or classes, you don’t have even time to listen to the news on television. But I know it cannot be an excuse: that’s why I often check news on internet, and some days ago I found an article that dealt with the relation between flowers and Milanese people. What better for my blog? :-)



It seems that the Milaneses love plants and colors which should put an end to grey winters (although this winter seems not to disappear, unfortunately!): around 4 million of plants for gardens or terraces, seasonal or not seasonal, for a public or private use, are sold in Milan and in somewhere about. Among them, almost 300.000 smaller plants and 500.000 plants of roses ( 30% of the national market and 40% of cut flowers: the headline itself of the article, just because of this, was: “In Milan, all mad about the roses”) are sold in one year.

Franco Cereda, the President of “Associazione grossisti fiori “ of Unione Confcommercio, said that in Italy the value of the market has got through 2.200.000 € per year, with between 40 and 45 € per capita, but Milanese spend more, around 70 € per person, almost the double of the national average.  They prefer to cultivate them in the water and without earth, because it is easier and more suitable to the quite dry climates of the Milanese apartments. Nowadays, they are also testing some particular panels, already widely used in the Northern countries, in order to introduce them in a broader market, with some musk where the plants are added: in this way, they can have “vertical green” both inside and outside: inside, as a sort of picture on the wall, with plants  fed by a little irrigation system, or outside, with bigger panels. Milanese people, therefore, are pretty daring, very curious, and look usually for some peculiar plants, although they are not suitable because they can’t resist to the hot summers, like red Japanese maple or to the cold winters, like sand villa, a really appreciated “new entry” in the tastes of Milanese.



I wonder as I wander

March 17, 2010

From an old American song to a young Italian girl: in other words…Me! Last Saturday I started my “journey” in Milan, “wondering as I wandered” if I was be able to find some fresh news and topics suitable for my blog. On and on and on I walked, I strolled around the city for more than 4 hours! What did I find? You will discover soon!


Who has ever said that Milan is “GREY”??

March 17, 2010

I’ve never thought I would have come to study here in Milan: I really believed it was  so…GREY!!! But, what is better than change one’s mind about something unexpected?! Milan is lively, exciting, it does offer you so many things to do, to see, to…try! About the grey? Ehm…maybe a little bit, because of the weather and the buildings made darker by the smog but, if you look deeply, you could see a lot of coloured spots: what are they, if not FLOWERS?

Let’s start a trip around Milan, trying to discover something interesting about how blossoms do live in this (still GREY?! ) city!