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Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010


Happy MOTHER’S DAY! I guess, lots of kids have prepared little gifts for their mothers, in order to delight them and show how much they love them. Generally, it is always a tough task to decide on the perfect gift  but, being a perfect time to thank your mother, what better way to express your feelings than to say it with flowers?! They are a wonderful way of expressing your love and gratitude to your mother on the special occasion of Mother’s Day.

That’s, indubitably, the same thought Interflora had had. Could it let this occasion slip? Obviously not! It is a great chance to boost its income, so it has come up with a huge range of Mothers Day Flowers, bouquet and little gifts to add to them.


Why have I chosen to tell about this celebration? The connection with Interflora is pretty clear, and since I have already dealt with it in some posts, this day seemed to me an example to see how this company works, how tries to “exploit” all kind of occasions and to build its own business.

 Next to this aspect, we should also consider that for every product, for every company, a marketing strategy and some ads are inevitable: Interflora hasn’t dropped them, playing with a smart advertising campaign.

Take a look at some of its ads!





All that glitters is not gold!

April 23, 2010

Looking for some information about Interflora, everything seemed perfect: tens of partners, hundreds of countries, thousands of shops, millions of euro: an organized system that involves people and money, surprisingly simple if you just take some news from Internet.




Such organization has stirred my curiosity, so I decided to ask directly a floral shop’s owner how this service works and what he things about it. Did I do the right thing? Sure, I did! I had some interesting answers that, first of all, confirmed that you should never take ads or information (given by the company itself) as gospel truth. The shop where I went offers Interflora service since 1960 and people that go there use it: around 1000 customers of this shop exploit it every year. But the positive aspects are not particularly registered by the shop itself: Interflora offers just a computer, it has to pay a fee per month and there are no relevant economical advantages. The owner I interviewed told me: “It is just as a nice thing to place on your shop window.” When I asked him an opinion about it, he said it is just a service addressed to people, not to the shops, and at the same time there isn’t a rigorous selection from the shops, because they have not the same products, the same quality and the same skills in doing arrangements, but they have the same prices. So, people often complain about the results, because flowers or plants that reach their destinations are different from what they expected: they had figured their expectations out on the shop where the delivery order has left.



To cut a long story short, this service has the only purpose to build a big business or, better, bigger and bigger: the more associates it has, the more it earns: such a simple, clear, straight-line project, isn’t it?


Say it with flowers!

April 22, 2010

Put up your own hand if you have never seen this symbol! … None of you? I could have bet on it! The winged Mercury is the historical icon of Fleurop-Interflora, well-known all over the world thanks to more than 100 year of life: since 1928, Fleurop-Interflora is the National and International service of floral tribute delivery and it is present in more than 150 countries, with more than 58.000 shops all over the world.

Flowers, in this extent, are not seen anymore just as elegant creation of nature, but as a way to make money, exploiting their shapes, their variety, their beauty, in order to build a huge market, and going further the personal pleasure, as we’ve seen, for example, in the case of Mr Francesco Mercandelli or Mrs Ivana. It doesn’t mean it is “the worst way”, it is just…different: different conceptions, different point of views, DIFFERENT  manners to use the SAME thing.

Let’s see something about its history and how it works…

 In 1908 the florist of Berlin Max Hubner had an intuition that turned out to be a success, further than any other expectations. He had three main goals:

  • create a florists network;
  •  assure the delivery to your door;
  • cash on delivery.

Then, his ambition became a reality in 1928, during the years between the two Great Wars, years dominated by big passions and technological advance. Only in 1960, during the economical boom, the slogan “Fiori in tutto il mondo” (Flowers all over the world) was born, and in the following years the number of florists incredibly grow. Thanks to the website, created in 2004, everyone has now the chance to give flowers or plants as a present. Then, with the march of time, it has fought trying to enlarge its market share. “We want to strengthen the position of Interflora among the floral shops” – claims the President of Interflora Italia Sandro Bragheftoni – “we want to offer, beyond the delivery and the technical arrangement, also a project concerned with fundamental concepts for the actual market: sale, communication and marketing techniques. We want to broad our distribution system, not limiting to 2.200 shops, but getting closer to 5.400, as French shops, a country with a density of population very similar to ours”. A big change that tries to develop technologies, and a world projected to the globalization.




The mechanism: everything happens in few hours: you can send them and in a very short time they are received, in every Italian or foreign place that has Interflora service.

Therefore, it gives you the chance to reach quickly everyone you want, in almost every part of the world, with an appreciated and scented present. Is it your mother’s birthday and you are studying or working abroad? Are you celebrating the first anniversary with your partner that is unfortunately far away? Do you want just to say thanks to a friend?

You could order in three different ways:

  • go to one of the 2000 florists provided by this service;
  • plug into and make the order choosing among a wide range of products;
  • call the phone number.

Easy, isn’t it?



But it is not finished here: there is something for everyone!

Are you a shop, in some way linked to flowers? Have you got a website? Would you like to reach millions of people around the world? Well, you should join a partnership with Fleurop-Interflora.

You can get up to a 12% commission with our products: the more you sell, the more you earn! And there are no taxes to become a partner. You would receive all the necessary tools, add specific links to your website and check the statistics online, in order to follow your business in every moment. Fleurop-Interflora would provide everything, from the order, to the delivery, to the billing: you should just sell.

If you sell Fleurop-Interflora  products through your website, your visitors would  buy them, because they are offered by a leading company, and you can be sure to address your customer to an reliable partner.

Look at some Fleurop-Interflora ads, not only Italian: some of them are really funny! Enjoy it!